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WestCelt Keira

b. April 11, 2009
Desert Jewel’s Lenny X WestCelt Chroicoragh
Gray Factor: G/g; Currently 13.2 HH
Registered Gypsy Vanner # GV02697


Congratulations to her new owner!!

Read below for more information.


Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 12.12.58 PM

keira left conformation

keira saddle

NEW pictures of Keira on my Facebook Page!
About Keira:

Keira is a very sweet horse with a calm temperament. She is happiest when being loved on and will follow you around all day long. Keira is a people-pleaser and wants to make you happy. She has had 30 days training,  is well started to saddle, and ready to go in any discipline you choose. She is a bit shy of new things but is fine with a confident leader. Responds very well to training, as you can see in the video above.

She is an attention-getter, and we have even had visitors from out of town stop by just to meet Keira and her beautiful mom, ChroicoraghWe are downsizing our herd due to the fact that I have gone back to college full time with the goal of becoming a middle school art teacher :) Keira will be so happy to be in a home where she will receive all of the  time & attention she deserves! We have enjoyed her so much.

Keira has found her forever home :)

I’m so happy to announce that Keira has found her new owner! Keira will be going back to see her buddy Dave for more training before she goes to her new home in Oklahoma. I’m so happy and excited that Keira will be going to a forever home where she will be ridden, loved, and spoiled rotten!

Congratulations to Bheki, Mike, and Diesel, on your newest family member!

Read more about Keira.

Keira is heterozygous for the grey gene, which means she has a 50% chance of passing it along to her young. For more on gray factor, read this blog post.

I have a hard time getting a good picture of Keira, since she’s always underfoot.

She has the sweetest personality of any horse I’ve met, and loves to be petted, brushed,  and loved on, so anytime you go out she’s right there in your face. I never really understood what horse folks meant when they used the term “pocket horse” – now, I know.  Actually, I think Keira would be more of a “Lap horse,” if she could!

With her graceful legs, rare coloring and dance-like trot, she’ll be a beautiful riding horse.


Here is a picture of Keira’s world famous sire, Lenny:

click on photos to be taken through the gallery:

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I had a little hobby-horse;

Its name was Dapple-Grey  –  Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme


6 thoughts on “Keira”

  1. HI,
    Peg gave me your web site, it was a little hard to find being that you have blog pages’ I finally found you and Keira is a doll, funny as a young girl living in New York City I would ride the 7ave IRT to Van Cortland Park stables , the horse I learned to ride on was named Blue Bell, she was a dapple grey and as kind as could be. I always loved horses but in New York it was out of question unless very wealthy’ I saved every penny back then just go ride Blue bell. I” later in life Married and began raising Arabians, loved their Type and refinement we moved to Scottsdale 19 years ago after living in Jupiter Florida for 7 years. We brought the horses with us , we spent time showing , but my first love was breeding and watching the foals from birth to weanling and realizing their potential. The barn no doubt has been my peaceful place. over the years the bottom fell out of the market and I was raising children. I kept one mare , but at age 17 had to put her down due to Laminitis, that was four years ago. I am in search of what I believed Blue bell to be’ I am sure she had Welsh blood because of her conformation, as well as her wonderful disposition and large kind eyes. She was the wings beneath my heart as a young girl.Horses were the freedom I sought from a loud frightening City. They were the kindness that carried me through a less than pleasant life as a young girl. Here I am again ” this ave learned that Arabians are beauties but not the calmest of rides, and certainly not fit for my small limitations from injuries of being a dancer and doing stunt work for many years. I want a calm loving best friend whom I can trust to not jump ten feet side ways because of the wind in the trees. those wild days are past.
    the Gypsy Vanner no doubt is what I have been looking for. I have an empty barn with six stalls here on 124th street just south of Shea. Peg I found through an add she hd up a number of months ago, her stallion is beautiful, but a stallion! i still wish could take him , only I know there is a bit more effort in handling stallions as I have had a few. I don’t know where this will lead ; this chance meeting on a web site through your friend Peggy and a beautiful stallion called Eclipse.

    Cleo kelldorf


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