WestCelt Fina

GVHS registration # GV02463
April 7, 2011
Desert Jewel’s Lenny X WestCelt Chroicoragh
Blue and White filly with blue eyes

Chroi surprised us on a warm Thursday morning with a gorgeous, leggy blue and white filly. Both of her eyes are blue. She is sweet, inquisitive, and loves to run!

Delicate, feminine and slender like a little flower, her name is Irish for “a vine.”

I cannot say enough about this little cutie. She has surpassed our every expectation. My goal in choosing the Chroicoragh/Lenny breeding for a second time was to hopefully get a foal that had the same wonderful temperament as Keira, regardless of color.

Not only does Fina project the same gentle, sweet disposition of her big sister, she has the triple threat – personality, amazing conformation, and more hair than any of our foals thus far. She’s already showing some great feather, and has a nice long beard like her mom!Fina has a gorgeous “sweet” head, with those killer blue eyes, and fairy-like white eyelashes on her right side. She’ll have a nice long white mane like both her parents, and a blue-and-white forelock between her cute pricked ears. Time will tell if she’ll have a double mane like Keira.

We’re very happy and blessed to welcome Fina to our family. Fina has been sold to a local family who will train her in Dressage, and use her as a therapy horse. What a perfect career for our sweet little Fina! Read more about her on this blog post.

click on photos to be taken through the gallery:

“All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl.”



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