WestCelt Chroicoragh

chroi and keira running


GVHS registration #GV02462P

  • b. May 24, 2005, Clononeen Farms, Ireland
  • Color: Blue Blagdon
  • 13.3 HH
  • Agouti – aa; Black – Ee; Tobiano – to/to; Grey – Gg

Chroicoragh is pronounced cree-CORE-ah, and is Irish for “Heartfelt.”

We call her Chroi (cree) for short.

Chroicoragh has provided us with two beautiful fillies. She and Lenny prove to be a fabulous pairing. Keira, and Fina – Both fillies have that wonderful sweet nature and gorgeous hair from their sire, but they also retain the beautifully graceful head, and perfect conformation from their mom.

An outstanding mother, Chroi is patient and watchful over her foals, but is not overprotective.She is very comfortable in sharing her babies.

Chroi has silky feather and mane with a huge thick tail. She looks suspiciously like a unicorn masquerading as a horse. I keep looking for the horn under all that hair. She’s mostly white, with a blanket of grey dapples across her back. She has one blue eye, one brown. Her second filly, Fina was born with 2 blue eyes, so she passes this gene on.

©cowdreamz photography

Her coloring is described in U.K. Gypsy terms as “Blue Blagdon,” and what we would term Blue Sabino She carries one grey gene, and her blue is fading to grey, but the blanket of color is on her skin.

Chroicoragh has had two foals by the phenomenal piebald stallion, Lenny’s Horse. Lenny is a legend in his own time, and produces some of the best stock around. Read more about Lenny here.

chroi and keira running
Keira was born jet black. She’s now a gorgeous silver dapple.

Chroi foaled a gorgeous dapple grey filly, Keira, on April 11, 2009; and a blue and white tobiano filly, Fina, on April 7, 2011.

Chroicoragh has all the qualities you could ask for in a Gypsy Horse. A strong, graceful neck, short back, nice bone, round butt, nice thick feather, a beautiful sweet head with a long silky mane, and pricked ears. She is very smart, a quick learner, and loves to work. She has many fans and everyone who meets Chroicoragh loves her.

Check her Facebook page or Instagram for current video and updates!

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 “‘Do you know, I always thought Unicorns were fabulous monsters, too? I never saw one alive before!’

‘Well, now that we have seen each other,’ said the Unicorn, ‘if you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you.'”

–Lewis Carroll; Through the Looking Glass


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