Self Portrait, With Horse

Taking pictures of horses: Hard. (Because they never stand still)

Taking pictures of yourself: Hard. (Because your arms are too short and you haven’t quite perfected the social media self-portrait that most teen girls can do in their sleep nowadays, and you are a big middle-aged dork.)

Taking pictures of yourself AND your horses? Well now that’s just downright comical. I kept laughing because they stick their big noses in the way. (my horses are just as dorky as I am)

My results:

wordpress, in all their wisdom has done another update, and I haven’t figured out how to fix this photo gallery. hang in there. I’ll get it fixed :)

thanks for laughing along,



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6 thoughts on “Self Portrait, With Horse”

  1. Hi
    I am spending night with Sedona wondering if she will have her Eclipse baby tonight!
    Got a good laugh on you photo session with Chroi LOL

    I want to talk with you about your brother.
    I lost mine and we were very close, after reading your Rememberance of him, I cried and cried.
    Did not want to be a bummer to you so I am waiting for a better time.
    Just want you to know I have thought about you both every day since and my heart goes out to you. I agree, he is with you as my Buddy is with me.
    Later sweetie


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