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This Labor Day, I was lucky enough to be invited up to my BFF’s family cabin for the weekend. It’s in a small mountain town, just far enough away from the heat and congestion of the city. AND host to an annual craft & artisan fair.

I love these fairs. There are so many beautiful things to see, and you have a chance to get to know the people who made them. My problem is, I can never afford anything there! So I figured if I can’t directly purchase some of the artwork I saw, the least I can do is help support local artists by telling everyone else about them. That whole “word of mouth blog” idea. :)

If I had my own art gallery, I’d be happy to have these pieces in my shop! Keep reading til the end to see my top picks of the weekend.

Heidi’s Online Art Gallery

If you love browsing through home decor magazines like me, you may have seen chairs like these adorning some high-end Aspen getaway:

Anita Cordes Willis makes them by hand and sells them here:

If Jewelry is more your speed, you might like these kiln-formed glass pieces handcrafted by Ray Balda:

These pendants have an optical illusion. Can you see the Celtic knot?
I love this piece. Somewhere between 60’s modern and Star Trek.
Ray Balda, glass artist

Check out Ray’s Facebook page: Kokopelli Art Glass (and click “Like!” – when I asked Ray if I could feature him on my blog, he said only if your readers Like my Facebook page!).  Thanks, Ray.

Judy Brooks makes these gorgeous pottery colanders, as useful as they are beautiful:

Jo Burke knits cute handbags and felts the wool in hot water to make them sturdy and long lasting:

Want more jewelry? Here’s some by Vickie “Bead” Smith:

Right next to the fair is a REAL art gallery, Myra’s Art Gallery & Studio. It has been a landmark of the Pine, Arizona main drag for many years. Myra is a lovely woman—an artist herself—and was kind enough to show us around her gallery. She is host to some of the most well known artists in the state, and can tell you all about each of them. She allowed me to photograph some to share with you:

detail of a piece by Myra Kraemer
turned wooden vases inlaid with turquoise
Hawaiian woman by Donn Morris
photo by Lynn Sankey
Western renaissance painting by William Ahrendt
Western renaissance painting by William Ahrendt
acrylic artist Rock Newcomb

Please visit Myra’s page to see more from these amazing artists and visit their own websites.

We went back to the fair and I got my mom some earrings for her birthday:

antique lace earrings and pendants
Here are my top three artists from the craft fair:

Nancy Koski:

Nancy is a potter and an artist. She makes original pieces of pottery, then paints beautiful pictures on them by hand.

Nancy Koski works on one of her bowls.


finished pieces
I love this bowl – it’s so mid-century modern

Nora E. Graf:

Nora’s art is truly one-of-a-kind. She carves and paints dried gourd vases. Simply amazing. I would love to have a few of her pieces in my home.

leaves, woven

Raymond Judge:

Raymond is a navajo artist who makes these tiny watercolors:

Raymond Judge and one of his pieces
a view of the Mittens

And he makes jewelry:

Navajo jewelry by Raymond Judge

And he sculpts. Check out this Pronghorn:

Pronghorn sculpture in progress

Please support these amazing artists by visiting their sites, telling your friends about them – and, hey, maybe buy a piece or two!

We had such a great time on our weekend away. We even got to load up a bag of used books at the library for 2 bucks!

I bought this book for the cover art

We had a great weekend.

this is what 3 moms look like after a few days of relaxation – no kids, no husbands, no make up, a couple bottles of wine, Bravo marathons, and fresh air. Why does my head look like an alien?


this wagon gave me some inspiration for my story – couldn’t you just see Chroicoragh pulling this? Maybe I should get myself some scarves and a crystal ball…

And this pretty Coues deer doe said goodbye to us as we left:

See you next time!

Thanks for reading! What original artwork have you seen lately?


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