Get this App – Clearly

I’ve been playing around with some apps lately, and I came across one I have to recommend: Clearly by Evernote. I’ll be getting more into Evernote in another post, but for now, check out


I wasn’t too sure about it at first and was hesitant to try it since I don’t like to clutter up my mac with things I don’t need. But it’s so simple and beautiful. here’s what clearly does.

It will take a webpage that looks like this:

And make it look like this:

No Clutter, no flashing ads. Easy-to-read content.

And all it takes is putting a little extension button in your browser bar:

So easy. Try it! Your eyes will thank you.

Disclosure: I receive NOTHING from Evernote or Clearly. These are just my own un-paid recommendations. If you work for Evernote and want to send me presents, that would be awesome.



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