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So, thank you for hanging in there. I want to just say to all of you wanna-be bloggers out there. Pick a blog format, and stick with it. This switching nonsense is for the birds.

But it’s not as if I’m not here. I’m reading up on the latest WordPress themes, playing around with a few test sites (Tell me what you think in the comments section):

I’ve been on tumblr:

I could not resist the siren call that is Pinterest:

And all of the cool stuff I see and read about, I tweet about on Twitter. I have a large range of interests – besides horses, of course – including art, cooking, design, marketing, writing, and tons of other stuff. If you like my writing, you might like some of the stuff I share.

I promise, one of these days you will be directed to a new site of mine and it will be awesome. But for now, feel free to connect via social media:

Facebook (be sure to Like us on Facebook)

I love hearing your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to comment. (If you are on my main page, you may have to click this post title to get to the comment form.)



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