Horse Drawn Wagons via Traveller Dave

I’m currently working on a drool-worthy, eye-candy Fantasy pick of Gypsy Horses from all over. Until that’s ready, I thought I’d share a site I found recently. These are photos of horse drawn wagons from a collection by Traveller Dave.

When asked for permission to use his photos, Dave ended his reply with this:

For those who live in houses, it’s a romantic lifestyle…but day to day reality is very different & using modern roads amongst thousands of intolerant stupid car drivers is always a risk !!



Thanks Dave. Keep on truckin’ :)

Please visit Dave’s site for loads more pics. Links at bottom of post.

Traveller Homes:
Horsedrawn wagons page:
Traveller Dave:
Normally I would have more organic links, and links from each picture to its url of origin, but Blogger is giving me some trouble. Hey, Blogger? You ever hear the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?
It wasn’t broken. Stop trying to fix it! Argh.

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