Only the Good Die Young

Last week, while we were still in the happy afterglow of new life, my husband’s family suffered a tragic loss. A cousin he and his siblings had been close to in childhood passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

There have been a few subjects mulling around in my brain for my next blog post, but after an event like this, they all seemed inconsequential. I felt the need to honor this woman’s life, if but for a moment. I can’t say I knew her well; her family is located in another state, and visits with them were infrequent. We didn’t have any sort of relationship beyond annual family gatherings and the exchange of Christmas cards. But she was the type of person instantly liked by anyone who met her. She had a great sense of humor and loved to laugh. We shared the same name, and the lighthearted joke when we were introduced was that I was the “other” Heidi.

Heidi greeted everyone with a warm smile, a warm hug, and when she asked “How are you doing?” she meant it. One of the most genuine and unpretentious people you’d have the pleasure of knowing. My husband has great memories of growing up and spending time with her and her sister, and his siblings, all hanging out as cousins.

For many years, she taught school and enjoyed every minute of it. One of those rarities – someone who actually loved her work, and it showed in the more than 2,000 visitors who came to show their respects at her wake and service.

Her greatest treasure was her family, especially her kids. A devoted daughter, sister, wife, and most importantly, a mother of two, an undetected health issue took her from this world earlier than any would have imagined. She will be greatly missed.

Please keep her family in your prayers, and hug your own.


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