Have any of you seen The Social Network? I highly recommend it. Not only because I am just a teeny tiny bit of a computer nerd, but as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, it’s just a really really good movie.

I’ll let you form your own opinions, but the one thing that stood out to me as I watched the film was a scene where one of the characters said to Mark Zuckerberg, “you got 22,000 hits in two hours? Wow.”

And all the computer-nerd-blogger in me could think was: Wow.

A “hit,” or pageview, is recorded anytime someone downloads your page. For instance, since you are reading this post, you have generated one hiton this page.When I first started blogging, there wasn’t an easy way to see how much traffic your site was getting. But then Bloggerreleased a new feature called Stats. It’s totally awesome. Here is what I see when I go to my stats page:

I can see how many visits I’ve had in a week (or day,month, etc.)
which posts are getting the most hits:

where my traffic is coming from (how people are finding me, i.e., did you find me through Google, my website, facebook, or another blog?)

I can also see what part of the world my readers are from, and what operating system they use:

How cool is that? What’s up, Pakistan! Hello, China! Cheers, UK! Bon Jour, France! Slovenia? Who would’ve thought?? Malaysia? Come on! And of course my buddies up north, eh?

The thing I love about stats is that it tells me that all is not lost. I am not alone. My parents are not the only ones reading my blog (hi guys!) And it propels me to do more. It’s kind of like crack. I see some hits, and I want to see more. So I keep writing.

So thanks to everyone out there in the world who wanders onto my blog. I hope you like it. I hope you find it worthwhile to come back. And I hope you tell your friends about it.

I may not be a computer engineer on a college campus getting 22,000 hits in two hours, but I am totally psyched to see this when I open my stats page:

Yay!! We hit the 1,000 mark!
Thank you.

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One thought on “Stats”

  1. the stats are fun to look at, and finding out which countries are reading makes me giggle, i mean all those people READING our ramblngs!loveLynxxx


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