Training Day

I was contacted recently by some folks from Canada who were in Arizona for a winter break. They’d never seen Gypsy Horses before, and were eager to come by and see our girls. We had a very nice visit – I mean, have you ever met a Canadian you didn’t like? :)

I let Keira out of her stall, to let our visitors watch her trotting and running around the yard like she usually does, but she was so interested in our visitors that all she did was go from one to the other, sniffing, getting scratched, and munching carrots.

So I thought we’d go over to the round pen to maybe show off a little, and I let one of the guys, David, try her out. This was the first time she’d ever lunged off a line (I usually work with her at liberty in the round pen), and she did great! She was so curious, and motivated to please. It’s so fun to work with your own horses, but such a pleasure to be able to observe from the outside and see how they interact with others. I was so proud of her!

Thanks to George, Mary, David and Gabby for coming by, for the lesson, and sharing the video with me.


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